5 Unique CBD Hacks You Need to Try

Lauren Flanagan
CBD has gained a lot recognition recently for its impressive therapeutic benefits. Some common uses for CBD include: improving sleep, reducing anxietyalleviating joint pain, and muscle-soreness relief. While these popular uses are great, CBD-consumers have discovered some of their own amazing ways to utilize the plant extract. Here are 5 unique CBD hacks you need to try:
  1. Apply to Temples for Headache Relief


While consuming CBD orally can help relieve pain and inflammation throughout your entire body, applying it topically to a targeted area can provide you more effective and fast relief. The next time you’re suffering from a painful headache or migraine, try applying a small amount of CBD oil or muscle salve to your temples and forehead. The Heritage CBD Muscle Salve works particularly well for this because it contains menthol, to help penetrate the area of pain and peppermint and eucalyptus, which work in harmony to help relax your mind.

  1. Rub on Painful Blisters


CBD is an excellent remedy for blisters. Applying a CBD salve to your blister can help alleviate the pain, while simultaneously moisturizing the targeted area. Choose a topical product with soothing ingredients that will help heal your blister without irritating it more. One of the main ingredients in the Heritage CBD Muscle Salve is Cocoa Butter, which is excellent for dry or flaky skin. Be sure to only apply CBD to closed blisters and avoid open wounds. 

  1. Apply to Chest to Relieve Cold Symptoms


How could a CBD salve help relieve cold symptoms? While this is an anecdotal hack from CBD-users, the logic makes sense. Apply your CBD salve to your chest or neck, as you would a congestion relief ointment. The menthol helps relieve congestion while the soothing hemp extract may help reduce inflammation.

  1. Use CBD as Acne Treatment


Acne treatments can be frustrating. They’re often too harsh and drying on the skin, leaving you with peeling-irritated areas. Next time you have a break out consider trying some of your CBD muscle salve. The Heritage Salve is made with all-natural and ingredients that are soothing on your skin. The hemp extract can help reduce inflammation without harshly drying. The Heritage salve also contains Jojoba oil. Jojoba has been linked to regulating oil production and preventing acne.

  1. Stop Painful Chafing

Chafing is a painful problem that is not often discussed. It’s caused by the friction between areas of your skin or clothing and can develop into a painful rash. If chafing is a problem for you, stop it before it happens with our Heritage CBD Muscle Salve. Apply it to areas that you tend to experience chafing to prevent painful friction and sooth irritation.