CBD Caramel Apples Recipe

Lauren Flanagan

Looking for an easy recipe to get in the Halloween spirit? A little CBD in your Caramel Apples will do the Trick for this delicious Treat! 

Recipe: (25mg CBD per Apple)
• Wood Skewers
• Shaved Coconut
• Chocolate Chips
• Chopped Almonds
• 6 Apples
• 1 Cup Caramel Dip
• 150mg Heritage CBD Oil: Unflavored

1. Remove stem from apples and stick skewers into the center.
2. Warm caramel dip in 10 second intervals until it's at a smooth consistency ready for dipping.
3. Add 150mg of CBD oil and mix vigorously.
4. Dip apples and coat with toppings of choice (Try to perform this step quickly to avoid caramel re-setting)
5. Enjoy!

Store in a sealed container in the fridge for up to a week if not serving right away.