Heritage Hemp x Yellowhammer Genetics

In 2019, Heritage Hemp and Yellowhammer Genetics joined forces with the sole purpose of creating the highest quality, small batch, unique, and compliant hemp genetics for the global market. With over 75 rare and unique true Type III (CBD dominant) clones to use as the backbone of our breeding program, we got to work on creating a unique catalog of varieties in feminized seed form.

  • We partnered with local farmers in the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts and planted over 80 acres of feminized seed from our early 2019 seed run.
  • 100% of our genetics passed TOTAL THC compliance testing within a 10-day harvest window per Massachusetts Department of Agriculture regulations.
  • Some of our farmers harvested over 4000 pounds per acre.
  • We know plant science, we are farmers too, and we understand the importance of investing in quality seed.
  • These feminized genetics are suitable for cultivation in almost any climate
  • Our genetics are easy to grow, perform well in both organic and conventional methodologies, and are resistant to most stresses
  • All our varietals were produced using organic farming practices and are non-GMO
  • We are proud to share the fruits of our decades of labor with other hemp enthusiasts

Feminized Seeds - Chardonnay Crosses

We chose to use our Breeder Cut of Chardonnay as a pollen donor to cross with some of our prized list of cuts from over five years of hemp breeding.

  • Chardonnay (Black Rose x Cherrywine) passes on its incredibly stable sexual traits and highly vigorous growth.
  • Crosses made with this exclusive cut are mold and pest resistant and will ensure plants can survive even the most extreme conditions. Chardonnay produces beautiful purple flowers dotted with pink pistils.
  • This is a Sativa dominant phenotype that grows into enormous bushes that may be the most beautiful plants in the field.
  • Chardonnay’s mold resistance makes it a good choice for farmers in humid areas, where bud mold may be an issue.