Thank you for visiting us at Heritage CBD.

We are sorry to inform you—our wonderful, loyal customers—that the Heritage CBD
brand has been permanently discontinued.

There are two primary reasons we made this difficult decision: First and foremost, MDAR, the
administrators of the hemp program in Massachusetts (where our product was manufactured),
made the arbitrary decision to prohibit the manufacture and sale of CBD gummies, by far our
best-selling product line. MDAR claims they did this based on the FDAs position that CBD is not
allowed in food or dietary supplements, ignoring the fact that they (FDA) are intentionally NOT
enforcing their position to allow lawmakers to decide the legality of CBD use. MDARs action
against Heritage CBD is particularly baffling considering THC gummies are legal in
Massachusetts, and both CBD and intoxicating hemp-derived THC gummies can be found in
convenience stores throughout the State. We argued our position with MDAR, but they dug-in
and it was clear that at best we would have to enter into a lengthy legal battle with no assurance
of winning. We considered moving our production to Connecticut but due to the expense we
ultimately made the agonizing decision to walk away from the hemp business altogether.

The good news is that we were able to make this decision without closing down our operations
due to the incredible success of our Melt-To-Make™ (M2M) gummy base business, which was
born out of our CBD gummy-making prowess. People liked our gummies so much, other
companies started asking if we would help them make good gummies, and M2M was born! This
new venture has grown by leaps and bounds since we launched it in 2021. M2M’s line of pre-
formulated bulk gummy bases is available in many all-natural flavors. Our base formulations
contain everything but the active ingredient(s) so all our customer has to do is heat the base
and add the actives, then make the final gummy product.

If you’re in the business and interested
in learning more, check out our web site via the link below!
Finally, we want to thank you for your business and apologize that we can no longer produce
the Heritage CBD products that helped the lives of so many. We advise that when seeking
alternatives to our products to look for clean, all-natural ingredient decks (preferably organic),
choose only products where 3 rd party labs correlating with the lot# on the packaging are readily
available to you and seek companies that are cGMP (or similar) certified as this will ensure the
product is safe and contains the stated ingredients.
Faithfully yours,
The Heritage/Melt-To-Make™ Team

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Heritage™ CBD products contain absolutely no artificial colors or flavors. We believe that the most delicious flavors and beautiful colors come from nature, not a lab. All our products are formulated by our co-founder who is a Certified Sports Dietitian and Nutritionist. You’ll find the ingredient profiles of Heritage™ CBD to be simple and clean. We never include something that’s unnecessary, because we care about what goes into our bodies and are sure you do too!

Testimonials appearing on this site are not the endorsement of Heritage CBD. Heritage CBD cannot affirm the validity of any medical claims that may be made by the consumer.

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We test our products for potency and purity throughout the manufacturing process. We value transparency and make the third-party test results for every batch of product we make easily accessible so you can have complete confidence in your purchase.

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