High Quality All Natural Ingredients

Heritage™ CBD products contain absolutely no artificial colors or flavors. We believe that the most delicious flavors and beautiful colors come from nature, not a lab. All our products are formulated by our co-founder who is a Certified Sports Dietitian and Nutritionist. You’ll find the ingredient profiles of Heritage™ CBD to be simple and clean. We never include something that’s unnecessary, because we care about what goes into our bodies and are sure you do too!

Testimonials appearing on this site are not the endorsement of Heritage CBD. Heritage CBD cannot affirm the validity of any medical claims that may be made by the consumer.

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3rd Party Tested for Your Safety

We test our products for potency and purity throughout the manufacturing process. We value transparency and make the third-party test results for every batch of product we make easily accessible so you can have complete confidence in your purchase.

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